Any project begins with a blank piece of paper. We write and draw on it; cut it to show the world what we want to communicate. Paper is an endless source of inspiration!

Raquel Marques,

Designer & Paper artist


PA, Pacote de Açúcar Design, is a small multidisciplinary Lisbon design studio which was brought to life in 2011 by Raquel Marques and Pedro Leitão. At PA, we work with two raw materials: paper and passion. Beautiful paper artwork was, then, an easy path to follow.

We believe creativity is contagious and that’s what drives us the most. Also, that’s what makes us different: we put passion in each project and idea, from printed editorials to set designs and window displays. But passion and creativity are not all that matters: we chose a distinctive material to create artwork from: paper!


Why paper? Paper is an endless source of inspiration and an unlimited creative medium. It is also a sustainable material since it is biodegradable and it can be easily recyclable. As designers, eco creativity is one of our main values, so the choice of raw material was not hard.

The Paper Artist

Raquel Marques is the mastermind behind PA – Paper Art. Although she studied equipment design, she’s now the artistic and creative director regarding paper artwork. For Raquel, every detail matters and each project is unique by itself and a perfect opportunity to take her creativity to another level. 


Nature and its elements are the designer’s main source of inspiration. Therefore, it is only reasonable for her to mix natural elements with handmade pieces in her work. 


The scale of 3D paper artwork is another feature of Raquel work, as she can develop projects with a high level of accuracy and detail, but she can also create high volume and out of real size pieces.